Business Insurance in Elkhart, Goshen, Middlebury, New Paris, Syracuse, and the Surrounding Areas

Business Owners Discussing Business Insurance in New Paris, IN

Owning a business is a rewarding career, but along with it comes many responsibilities including having the right business insurance in place for your business in Elkhart, Goshen, Middlebury, New Paris, Syracuse, and the surrounding areas. Business insurance is really a catch-all term that can include a wide number of different insurance policies, and our team at RMH Insurance can help you to get the right policies that cover the right things without having insurance that you don’t need. Electricians, restaurants, home builders, accountants, and other businesses can all have the right business insurance protection so they can focus on the business and not on other things that don’t lead to growth. Contact our team today to learn more about getting the right business insurance in place.

Even Small Businesses Need Protection

Small businesses have the issue of being small, both in terms of the number of people working in the business as well as the finances of the business. Even if you are a sole proprietor in a small office you should have some basic business insurance coverages in place. A lawyer, lawn maintenance person, residential electrician, or other small business should have protection because you are providing a service and while you take every precaution, things happen.

If you have a vehicle that you use in your business, that needs to be covered and your personal auto insurance will not do the job. Professional services such as accountants and lawyers should have professional liability coverage, often referred to as errors and omissions insurance. Having general liability insurance is also a good starting point for most small businesses.

What Policy is The Right Answer

Often with a business the key is having protection that covers all aspects of your business. For example, an electrician that works alone should have at least general liability insurance coverage plus have commercial vehicle insurance for the work vehicle. Additionally they will likely also want to have business interruption insurance in case something happens to the place where they hold their inventory and/or their vehicle to keep money flowing to pay bills, etc. Speaking with our team at RMH Insurance will help to explain what each policy covers and answer questions about your specific business.

Your business is your livelihood, and if you employ people it is the same for them as well. There are many ways that your business could be interrupted or be forced to close, and having the right business insurance in place can help to keep your business running smoothly. Contact our team today to learn more about having the right business insurance.